Welcome to First Grade!

I am so excited about this year and look forward to working with you and your child. We have a fun year ahead of us! Please take the time to read my first grade handbook. It will cover many of the things you will need to know about first grade.


During the first six weeks we will be reviewing the consonant and vowel sounds for each letter of the alphabet. We will be blending sounds to make new words for our sight words. We will also be doing quite a bit of review for Math concepts, handwriting skills, and Language Arts skills. In Social Studies and Science we will be working on thematic units that will tie into all of the other subject areas. Parent conferences will be held at the end of September. Please be sure that I have your current e-mail address, as this is how I will contact you to set-up conference times.


Just a reminder that school begins at 8:40am. It is very important for children to get to school on time so they do not feel rushed or left behind. Students will be counted tardy after 8:40am. Students should arrive no earlier than 8:10, as there is no supervision on campus before this time.

ABSENCES: If your child is sick or late due to an appointment, remember that it is important to call the office and let them know. If students are going to be absent for another reason for more than 5 days, such as travel, you can obtain an Independent Study contract with the office. Your child will receive a written list of assignments to work on while they are away.


Union Hill provides a planner for every student in the 1st – 8th grades. We feel that it is important for children to be familiar with these planners and use them during the school week. This planner has all the necessary schedules for the year, as well as the Bearcat of Character handbook. Your child’s planner is to go home each day and be returned the following day, except on Fridays. PLEASE make sure you are checking your child’s planner and initialing it every day. By initialing your child’s planner I am assured that your child has completed all of their work and you are aware of any behavior issues that they may have had. You may also leave me notes in the planner as I check it every morning. The planner is one of my best forms of communication with parents.


These folders will go home every Tuesday. In these folders you will find your child’s graded work, center work, projects, and weekly newsletter. Most of the work will be graded, however, there may be things that we have done in class together that will not be graded. Please empty these folders and return them to school on Wednesday. We will use these same folders throughout the year. Please go over these pages with your child.


In an effort to keep our class running smoothly, I will be enforcing a set of basic classroom rules that are posted in our class. At the end of each day your child will write down the color they were on in their planner.

Classroom Consequences:

Green – Great Day!

Yellow – Warning

Blue – Loss of recess time

Red – Note home to parent

HOMEWORK: Your child should have about 20min. of homework every night except Fridays. They should be reading for 10-15min., have a math sheets to complete, and, later in the year, be studying their weekly spelling list. Homework should be supervised and corrected by parents every night. An adult signature in the planner assures me that you are aware of your child’s homework and daily behavior. I will be checking planners each day for a signature and collecting completed work. Having a set routine and a place to study at home will make it easier for your child to be organized and successful at school.

  • Set up a well-lit, quiet place with a good work surface to do homework.

  • Try to keep this place dedicated to homework and free of other clutter.

  • Establish a regular homework time. This will help your student to complete assignments on time.

  • Discourage distractions, such as television, during homework time.

BOOK CLUB ORDERS: These will come home monthly. If you decide to order, please make your checks payable to Scholastic. Place the check or money order in an envelope with the order form and return it to me. Placing your order directly online is also an option. Visit Scholastic.com/bookclubs to place your order. If you choose to order on line your child’s books will still be delivered to school and Scholastic will reward our class with some free books.    Our class activation code is H8GYD

STAR OF THE WEEK: This is to be a celebration of your child and to help promote a positive self-image. Your child will have a set week during the school year to be STAR OF THE WEEK. Please check the schedule to see when your child’s special week will be.

BIRTHDAY TREATS: Birthdays are always special and you are welcome to bring or send in treats for your child’s birthday. We will enjoy these snacks either at recess or the end of the day. Please feel free to join your child for lunch on their special day.

LIBRARY: We will visit the library every Wednesday, as a class, and check out books. The children may take the books home with them, but they must return them by the following library day in order to check out another book.

VOLUNTEERS: I appreciate and welcome all volunteer help. Our volunteers may be working with small reading groups, correcting papers, filing, copying, or working with individual students. If you are interested in helping out PLEASE SIGN UP. If you volunteer at school, it is important that you sign in as a visitor in the front office. You will be given a visitor badge to wear so that staff and students recognize that there is a visitor on campus. This is important, as it helps to secure our children’s safety on campus. You will also be required to have a current TB test on file in the office.

FORGOTTEN ITEMS: If your child has forgotten their lunch, lunch money, or any other important items for the day and you want to deliver it, please take it to the office and the office staff will make sure your child receives it as soon as possible. This will help to cut down on classroom interruptions.