Union Hill Principal, Joe Limov

Principal Joe Limov with 8th Grade Students


Welcome to Union Hill School where a dedicated instructional staff and families strongly invested in their children’s future come together under a tradition of excellence to deliver an exceptional education. A special word of welcome to all of you who are visiting our website for the first time – we hope that once you have seen us virtually, you will want to come see our campus in person and experience what life at Union Hill School is all about.

This year we are excited about several major new developments happening at Union Hill School that are helping us build a stronger and more viable educational program.

With the addition of the transitional kindergarten through sixth grade charter we will be developing programs that expand our opportunities for engaging students in real-world applications of curriculum via alternative options, supporting more varied learning experiences in an alternative way, expanding community service opportunities created from a diverse and modified use of instructional minutes, and creating collaboration time for staff from a modification of instructional minutes while maintaining student engagement. The purpose of the   TK – 6th grade charter is to improve student learning and that is exactly what we intend to do.

Additionally, we are seeing an increase of enrollment at the early primary levels. This increase in student enrollment sets the stage for not only growth in overall enrollment over the upcoming years but will provide us opportunities to bring back both teachers and programs that were casualties of the budget cuts of previous years. I am pleased to announce at this time that we have no teachers on the lay off list and as we grow we will continue to look for the brightest and best instructors to add to our staff of innovative and experienced educators.

The curriculum at Union Hill School is designed to support a developmental, student-focused approach, where teaching for understanding and reasoning is paramount. As the staff continues to refine their instruction under the new Common Core standards we will keep this philosophy at the forefront.

A modern education is much more than just classroom attentiveness and examinations. We want to encourage our students to find the right balance by immersing themselves in learning, sports, healthy activities, the visual and performing arts and community service.  We might not always get the balance right, such is the nature of dealing with young people, however our endeavors can never be faulted.

Our alumni, many who have their children attending our school, speak with passion about their time at Union Hill School, and how happy they were in our Preschool through 8th grade  programs – for us that is a true measure of what we are about.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information, or should you wish to visit the campus. Both the staff and myself would be delighted to spend time with you.


Warmest Regards,

Joe Limov

Principal, Union Hill School