Classroom Rules:
1)  Respect.
2)  No put-downs.
Respect covers many areas and is extremely important in the smooth running of the classroom.  No put-downs is an extension of the idea of respect.  Any student who puts down another student will receive an automatic detention.
Late Work:
Work that is turned in one day late will be accepted for a 10% point penalty.
Work that is turned in after the one late day will not be accepted.  (See Oops! pass policy for exceptions.)
Oops! Passes:
Each student receives two Oops! passes per trimester.  These passes can be used in three ways:
1)  An Oops! pass may be turned in with an assignment on the late day to avoid the 10% penalty.  The assignment will receive full points as earned.
2)  An Oops! pass may be turned in with an assignment one day after the late day.  The assignment will be docked 10% but will still be accepted.
3)  An Oops! pass may be turned in at the end of the trimester for extra credit points.  Each pass is worth five extra credit points.
As per school policy, a student has the same number of days to make up an assignment as days missed due to illness.  For example, a student who misses three days will have three days upon returning to make up the missed work.