8th Grade Homework for September 25-29

MID-TRI IS FRIDAY! Language Arts: Outline for BT due Tuesday Paragraphs drafted this week – stay on schedule! Vocab quiz (ject) on THURSDAY Literature: Breaking Through notebook due Tuesday Venn diagram comparison in class on Thursday Social Studies: Constitution packet in progress!  Study 5-10 minutes each night Declaration of Independence quiz next Tuesday, Oct. 3

8th Grade Homework for September 11-15

Language arts: Final draft of essay due Thursday – look for scoring guide 1950s project – combo grade in language arts and literature – in class work time on Monday and Tuesday; be ready to present on Wednesday! Vocab quiz (spec) on Friday Literature: Continue in Breaking Through – notes for p. 48-69 due Tuesday; […]

8th Grade Homework for August 28-September 1

Language Arts: Vocab test (ped-) on Friday Grammar review this week – work mainly in class Literature: Beginning Breaking Through on Tuesday; keep notes in notebook Social Studies: Starting Chapter 1 in the textbook with an open-note test scheduled for  next Tuesday Colonies quiz next Wednesday

8th Grade Homework for May 1-5

Empire Mine field trip signature due by Thursday Glory notes worked on in class – due Thursday with paragraph Extra credit assignment explained Wednesday (essay) and due by Wednesday, May 10

8th Grade Homework for April 18-21

Chapter 11 notes due Wednesday Chapter 11 project due by Friday Extra credit Civil War math due by Friday

8th Grade Homework for March 6-10

Open-note test on Chapter 8 on Tuesday Chapter 9 Sec. 1 and “Dear Sonora” comparison due Thursday Ch. 9 Sec. 2 “1/2 and 1/2” project due Tuesday, March 14

8th Grade Homework for February 13-17

Chapter 7 Section 1 worksheet due Tuesday Chapter 7 Section 2 Cause and Effect assignment due Wednesday Work on Chapter 7 notes comparing north/south/west on Wednesday and Thursday in class for project next week

8th Grade Homework for February 6-10

Finish Chapter 6 project (poster, literary elements, review) by end of period on Wednesday!

8th Grade Homework for January 30-February 3

Chapter 6 packet: Sections 1 and 2 due by January 27 (Friday) Section 3 due Tuesday, January 31 Section 4 due Wednesday, Feb. 1 Section 5 due Thursday, Feb. 2 ENTIRE PACKET TO BE TURNED IN ON THURSDAY!

8th Grade Homework for January 16-20

Ch. 6 Sec. 3/4 conflict/response notes due Tuesday “I have a dream” notes due Wednesday Dream project in progress starting Wednesday – construction done in class, presentation on Friday (see scoring guide for more information) Don’t forget mid-trimester on FRIDAY!