7th Grade Homework for September 25-29

MID-TRIMESTER IS FRIDAY! Language Arts: Vocab quiz (uni) on Friday Grammar as assigned in class Literature: Tom Sawyer lit folder due Tuesday Tom Sawyer Venn diagram worked on in class following movie Social Studies: Middle East map due Wednesday Ch. 3/4 test NEXT Tuesday EC geometric design by Friday

7th Grade Homework for September 11-15

Language arts: Vocab quiz (mono) on THURSDAY Grammar as reviewed in class Literature: Tom Sawyer Ch. 15/16 quiz Tuesday Tom Sawyer literature folder due Tuesday, September 26 Social studies: Ch. 2 Sec. 3 outline due Wednesday Justinian’s Code due Wednesday (if not finished in class) Extra credit: speech comparison and worksheet due by Friday Collaboration […]

7th Grade Homework for August 28-September 1

Language Arts: Vocab test (pre-) on Friday “Perfect” essay in progress this week – introduced and brainstormed Tuesday, body paragraphs Wednesday and Thursday Weekly article evaluation due Wednesday Planner check Friday Literature: Tom Sawyer folder in progress – keep up on assignments as introduced Reading mainly in class; finish through Chapter 4 this week Social […]

7th Grade Homework for August 21-25

Language arts: Portfolio due Tuesday Brain article eval due Wednesday Confederate statues article due NEXT Wednesday Literature: Work as assigned in class EC reading calendar Social studies: Scavenger hunt due Wednesday

7th Grade Homework for May 23-27

Language Arts: Advice essay (final draft form) due Wednesday, June 1 – see scoring guide for more information Weekly article (recess) due THURSDAY Renaissance Museum script final draft due Tuesday, May 31 Literature: No lit this week due to to Renaissance rotation Social Studies: Renaissance project in progress – rough draft script due Tuesday; dress […]

7th Grade Homework for May 16-20

Language Arts: Weekly article (Renaissance costumes) due Friday Literature: Questions as assigned in class – homework if not finished Social Studies: Please see yellow Renaissance Museum handout for more information – work time and script drafting in progress this week. ¬†There is a strict timeline given for the project and two periods of work time […]

7th Grade Homework for May 9-13

Language Arts: Weekly article due Friday (baseball) Portfolio organization and letter due Thursday Symbolism person due Friday Literature: King Arthur supplemental chapter story due Thursday Social Studies: Work as assigned in class Renaissance Museum groups solidified Thursday; topics chosen on Friday!

7th Grade Homework for May 2-6

Language Arts: Weekly article (choice from Scholastic) due Friday Literature: King Arthur as assigned in class Social Studies: Ch. 20 discussions and work in class

7th Grade Homework for April 25-29

Language Arts: Brain packet due Friday Weekly article evaluation due Friday (Stephen Curry) POETRY PORTFOLIO DUE THURSDAY! Literature: King Arthur assignments in progress – work done in class but reading may need to be completed at home Social Studies: ABCs of the Reformation due by Wednesday Ch. 19 Worksheets by Wednesday Ch. 19 “test” in […]

7th Grade Homework for April 18-22

RIVER CATS PERMISSION SLIPS ARE DUE BY WEDNESDAY! Mid-trimester ends Friday with report cards going out next Friday. ¬†Every assignment counts! Language Arts: Weekly article (Harry Potter World) due Friday Poetry portfolio due by Thursday, April 28 – if the grade is to be entered for mid-trimester, the portfolio must be turned in this week! […]