4th Grade “Week-at-a-Glance”

Week of  Sept. 19-22

Dear Families,

This year we have the unique situation of having the largest class to ever come through the 4th grade here at Union Hill.  Our numbers challenge us with our HWY 49 overnight field trip planned for May of 2018. Higher numbers, mean more costs.   This year we need to pay for an additional bus, costing an additional $3,000. We also need to cover the cost for each parent chaperone to be live scanned (cost approximately $65 per chaperone).  We usually use funds from Dusty Falls at Pumpkin Patch to bring down the cost of the trip per student, and plan to do that this year as well.  Unfortunately, we do not make enough from our fundraiser to compensate for the above two costs.  We are curious if any of our  business owner families might be interested in making a donation to Union Hill’s 4th grade fund, to help with the increase in the cost of our exciting trip.  If you are interested in donating any extra funds, please notify your child’s teacher.   Any donations would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Class Announcements:

  • Wednesday- California Cookie Test
  • Thursday- Picture Day
  • Friday- wear blue and gold, spelling test, and math exit ticket quiz



Tuesday:  Nightly reading and reading log, math Exit Ticket 14, and spelling practice in a fun/creative way from the green sheet.  Study for your cookie test! Please bring library books tomorrow for a return or renew.                                                                                     

Wednesday:  Bring home your Journeys anthology and read this week’s story with a family member.  This will count as your nightly reading on your reading log.  Math Exit Ticket 15, and study your spelling words from the green sheet.

Thursday:  Nightly reading and reading log, math exit ticket 16, and take a practice spelling test to prepare for tomorrow’s quiz.  Practice tests and Reading log are due tomorrow!  

Our Week:

Reading:  Novel reading, The Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell

and Journeys, The Power of W.O.W.! by Crystal Hubbard (page 110).

Genre:  Play

Target Skill: Theme

Target Strategy:  Analyze and Evaluate

Key Vocabulary: assist, burglaries, innocent, scheme, regretfully, misjudged, suspect, favor, speculated, prior

Spelling Words (short and long o): block, shown, oatmeal, wrote, fellow, scold, coast, odd, locate, slope, throat, host, online, shock, solve, known, remote, stock, boast, globe

Writing:  Narrative Writing- Mysterious Box

Math:  Module 1 lessons 14, 15, 16, and exit ticket test. End of Module Assessment is next Friday, September 29th.

Social Studies: We are continuing to study about California’s Geography this week.  Students will be participating in activities that center on the location of major cities and landforms in California.  They will be having their location “Cookie Test” next Wednesday, September 20, so please encourage them to study nightly.  They will be creating their study guide on Wednesday.

Science: This week we are studying about animals and the special adaptations each one has that helps it survive in its environment. This week we will be learning about migration and other instinctual and learned behaviors of animals.  Test is this Thursday!

Thank you for the nightly initials in your child’s planner.  Your initials show us that you are informed about your child’s homework. It is also a place for you to communicate. You are welcome to write us a note in the planner and we will see it the next school day.

Thank you and enjoy your week,

Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Albano, and Mr. Lynn

hkirkpatrick@uhsd.k12.ca.us or 273-8645 x163

dalbano@uhsd.k12.ca.us or x 161

dlynn@uhsd.k12.ca.us or x 162