What makes a student eligible for Special Education?
A student must have a primary disability in one of the following areas:
1. Specific Learning Disability                 7. Mentally Retarded
2. Speech/Lang. Impaired                       8. Autistic
3. Hard of Hearing                                   9. Other Health Impaired
4. Visually Impaired                                10. Emotionally Disturbed
6. Orthopedically Impaired                      11. Deaf
In order for a student to qualify with a Specific Learning Disability the following must be true:
1. A significant discrepancy must exist between the students ability and achievement, along with a basic psychological processing disorder.
2. The discrepancy can not be due to factors of environment, cultural differences or economic disadvantages. The discrepancy can not be accommodated through the general instructional program.
3. Lack of educational performance.