While I don’t give homework usually, some classwork may not get done during our time in class.  Most of our work is either in a packet or a single page like a study guide.  In order to finish work, students may check out books after school if needed, and must return books before the next health day.

We just began our first unit in 7th grade health.  The “health triangle” (social, mental/emotional, and physical) is our focus for this first unit.

The 8th grade is diving right in with the 7-Habits of Highly-Effective Teens.  The first section of reading, “Getting in the Habit”, is due September 3rd. Students will have some time to read in class, but may need to check out a book in order to complete the reading at home.

I am exploring options for uploading files.  All students have a google.docs address  which may provide an easier and more accessible way to share files.