Time flys when you’re having fun!  I can’t believe it has been a month since my last post.  In the last month, we had the pumpkin patch, our 8th grade Nevada City scavenger hunt, and Fall break.  Now, we are in the middle of Red Ribbon Week.

Our 7th graders are quickly finishing their second packets (Communication and Keepin it REAL).  Hopefully, they have been practicing effective communication skills at home! I will assign a study guide next Tuesday (Nov. 6th) and we will have a test next Thursday (Nov. 8th).  Here is the study guide I will be passing out on Tuesday: Comm and Keepin’ it Real SG 7th .  After this unit, we begin studying the human body and learn how to keep each body system healthy.

Also concerning 7th grade…Thank you to those who allowed your students to take the Healthy Kids Survey.  This survey is anonymous, however, we use the info to help drive our health curriculum.  This week is Red Ribbon Week and we will be discussing a powerful presentation by Jill Mason regarding drunk driving.  I highly recommend you ask your students about this assembly and have a discussion about any questions or comments they may have.

8th graders are very busy with their constitution test preparation. If you haven’t seen or heard them studying, you may want to ask about it.  Concerning health, we just finished our introductory unit and are now immersed in our second unit entitled “The Private Victory”.  This unit focuses on being proactive, setting goals, and avoiding things that may keep them from their goals such as drug use.  We will be discussing different drugs, but throughout the unit my emphasis will be on achieving goals. I am going to post information for the 8th grade packets on the Classwork page.

For PE, we are in the midst of our volleyball unit. 7th graders are working on and learning skills, while 8th graders are reviewing skills and will begin games soon.  Next, we will learn how to use the suspension training systems that we recently bought for room P-5.  After that, it is on to line and swing dancing!

Mountain bike club riders should be checking in with me regarding rides as the rainy season progresses.  At some point, we usually suspend rides until the weather dries up for a significant period of time. At that time, I will post information here and on the UHMBC facebook page.

Mr Ross



Hello all!

Wow, we are half-way through the first trimester already!  Please don’t forget to check grades online at regular intervals so that you don’t get any “surprises”.

7th grade health – We are well into our second unit of the year, studying communication skills for individuals and groups.  Some key concepts we are discussing include:
•Speaking skills – thinking before speaking, using tact, providing breaks for input, appropriate body language, good eye contact, and using clear concise statements
•Listening skills – not interrupting, eye contact, appropriate body language, asking questions for clarification, and using conversation encouragers

Please help your 7th grader by modeling good communication skills.  You my be surprised how good communication skills can strengthen your relationship.  Perhaps you can practice these skill when you ask them about their packets, which I will collect before Fall break for grading.  We will not have a test until after Fall break.

8th grade Health – We have been working on personal skills with our 8th grade, focusing on being proactive.  You heard me right, I am attempting to teach 8th graders how to be proactive.  Many of them already have the skill, but many struggle with the concept or have no desire to even try!  Well, we are learning about it nonetheless.  We have also had discussion about paradigms, or the way we see things. I am encouraging them to make sure they have the whole picture before making judgements.  I have shared with them how tough that is in an election year. I expect that we will have our first test just before Fall break.  At that point, I will collect study guides and their packets.

One change this year for our 8th graders is having our class meetings in our Health class instead of homeroom.  This will allow our students to participate in Math and Science a bit more, which is very important.  If your students have any concerns, and they feel comfortable sharing and discussing them in our class meeting, it can be a very beneficial model for positive communication, even if opinions differ.  This is one way that we can air concerns about bullying and fairness in a positive manner.

Mountain bike club – We need rain!!!  Just throwing that out there.  The trails are ultra dusty right now, making it challenging from a hydration and vision standpoint.  I encourage riders to bring clear glasses if they have them and please bring plenty of water! Our rides are getting a bit longer and there will be more climbing in the weeks to come.  Also, some food and an extra tube would be helpful to bring.  I carry extra 26″ and 29″ tubes, but other sizes ( 24″ and 20″) I don’t have.  For those wondering about T-shirts, I will be sending the artwork in this week and I hope to have them after Fall break.

I am having a great time this year.  The students are outstanding!!!




Hello all!

PE – Our PE class is just finishing up the frisbee unit.  I must say that most of our students are extremely adept at throwing and catching frisbees.  Hopefully, they have a chance to show off their skills at home!  Our 7th grade students will now be entering a until that involves skills in the areas of: kicking and dribbling a soccer ball, juggling a soccer ball, hacky sacking, and juggling with the hands.  We will end our unit with the introduction of a game called “speedball”, which is basically a combination of soccer and team handball.  Our 8th grade students will review soccer skills and ground/airborne passing skills, then jump right into speedball.  As will be the custom in 8th grade, we will develop the game more including helpful strategies for team success.

Dance!!!!  As a sidelight, we will be reviewing some basic line dancing and swing dancing in our PE classes in preparation for our upcoming dance.  The dance will be Friday, September 21st from 6-9 pm.  Should be fun!!

Health – We have finished our first unit in 7th grade Health and are now into our second unit covering communication skills and peer pressure.  I have updated the class assignment webpage with the latest packet.  8th grade is working on the first foundational step of being proactive in the “7 habits of highly-effective teens” workbook.  Ask them about it!

Mountain bike club – Thanks to all 18 riders that joined us on our first ride of the year!  We had a representatives from most grade levels.  We covered trail etiquette, basic riding rules, and a few skills points such as standing while going downhill as a way to absorb shock with your legs.  Our next ride is this week and it is for all ability levels.  I will be posting the riding schedule until December on the mountain bike club page.

Have a great week!

Mr. R

9-1 News

Welcome to my new website!  This page is devoted to updating parents and students of key dates and happenings in our wellness class, for the mountain bike club, and for our school in general.

For our wellness class, information such as assignment due dates and upcoming tests will be posted regularly. So, here is our first piece of wellness info:
•7th grade wellness – Test on Tuesday!!  Study guides and packets need to be completed and will be collected before the test.
•8th grade wellness – We will start diving into the “7 Habits of Highly effective Teens” this week.  We will be discussing paradigms and where students focus their energy (school, selves, friends, etc.).

PE – Our first unit in PE is frisbee skills.  7th graders will be focusing on several different throws and catches, ending the unit with some ultimate and frisbee golf.  8th graders brush up a bit on skills, then do a comprehensive unit on ultimate, focusing on strategies and team skills to help each team be successful. Here are a couple of things to note about PE:
•I only allow closed-toe shoes in my PE class.  I don’t allow flip-flops or sandals of any kind that have open toes.
•If students need to miss a day due to an injury, a parent note will suffice.  If two or more days are to be missed due to injury, I would like a doctor’s note with an estimate of when the student can return to full activity.  I do not require that students “make up” PE days, but this has the potential to hurt their grade.  If a student wishes to get credit for PE days missed, they must bring a signed parent note, documenting 45 minutes or more of vigorous physical activity.

Mountain bike club – We will have our first ride of the year this week on Thursday, September 6th.  This ride will be for 5th-8th grades and all ability levels.  Here are a few key things to remember:
•Working bikes are required!  Having to fix bikes in the middle of the ride takes time away from the whole club. Please bring in your bike so that I can check it over before the ride.  You can drop off bikes in room P-5 this week for me to look over.  On normal ride days, all bikes must be stored in the bike rack.
•Helmets are required.  If a student forgets their helmet or does not have a helmet, I probably have an extra that will fit them.
•I need completed permission slips and YBONC membership forms completed for any student before they are allowed to ride with the club.
•Due to very dry and dusty conditions, I highly recommend clear or very light sunglasses.  And, a way to carry water is highly recommended.   A bottle that fits in a bottle cage or a camelback are the best ways.
•I often post to our Facebook page:

Here’s to another great year!!!
Mr. R