We are going to continue to work on fundamental skills.  So far, we have covered throwing and kicking.  This week we will progress to throwing Frisbees®.  I call it college prep for those nice days on the quad they will be having in 7-10 years!

Fifth and sixth graders are expected to do make up work for any absences.  The forms are available below.  They should already be doing activities each day that qualify for make-up work.  This is just a way to justify it.

Three cheers for the return of the 4th  – 6th grade physical education program!  Here you can find the basic rules of our “classroom” as well as the expectation of each student to earn their grade in physical education.  Each day students earn up to 10 points based on effort, attitude, cooperation, physical skills, and knowledge.

Basic Rules:

1 – Always follow the rules

2 – Respect yourself, your peers, your teacher, and the equipment

3 – “Be excellent”

4 – Wear sensible shoes

Physical Education Expectations 2012

PE Make-up form