February 21 Newsletter

Incoming Kindergarten Families:

The greatest compliment to our kindergarten program is the referral to other families. In this week’s folder, you will find 3 flyers for incoming kindergarten families. Please spread the word about our wonderful school and pass along these flyers to families with children entering kindergarten in August. Thank you for your help!


Journeys Language Arts:

We continue with our first pilot unit learning about “What is a Scientist”. Our letter we have been reviewing is the letter Ii, for Iggy Iguana. There were six popcorn words introduced.   They are of, so, how, where, many and is (which we already learned). Please see the enclosed Home Letter for suggestions of activities to support your child’s learning at home.



We have been doing many number comparisons and discussing more than, less than, and fewer than. We will also be practicing our teen numbers.



Projects & Additional Activities:

This week we are doing various activities to learn about presidents. We made a poster with Lincoln, his log house, Washington and his cherry tree.



*Nightly reading log

*February poem

*Math Homework

*Continue to practice sight words

*Journeys’ Home Letter

*Take parent survey sent via email or the code in last week’s folder


Special Needs and News:

*2/22- Open Enrollment begins


*2/24- Fitness Friday


*3/1- Reading Across America Night 6:00-7:00.

This is a very fun night. We sent home a blue paper today to tell more about it. Families come and get to hear stories read by the Kindergarten teachers. Each room has a theme…and don’t forget to wear your pajamas!


*We will be having a book swap that night as well. You may send in lightly used books and come and pick a new book to bring home!

February 7 Newsletter

National Geographic:

This week the focus letter is “Dd”. The new popcorn words are “do” and “to”. The decodable book going home is titled, Dad and Tod.


Language Arts Pilot:

As you know, this is the year our District is piloting language arts programs before adoption. We will be starting a new pilot, Journeys, in the next week or two. Please be patient, as we will all be learning this new curriculum.



We are beginning a new topic, “Are there Enough?” Students will explore and compare area by participating in everyday activities, such as comparing two pieces of paper to determine which one will allow them to create a larger drawing.

Valentine’s Day:

We have been preparing for Valentine’s day in our room. We have been making cards for special people around us, and pouches to put all of our valentines in. Last week I sent home a note about making Valentines. There is a sign up for our party on the front board.



100th Day:

The 100th Day was a blast! The capes you created with your child were so creative! They wore them as they participated in the following activities:

100 pattern block and hat making

100 Athletics

$100 Writing

100 Day Snack


Dental Health:

This week is dental health week. We will be discussing ways we can keep our teeth healthy. Students will also do some creative writing about the Tooth Fairy. Friday we will be hearing a presentation from a local dentist and getting our teeth checked.


Plan and Do:

Our Playhouse has turned into a Post Office during plan and do and we are having a lot of fun “buying” stamps, writing letters, mailing, and delivering them.











Popcorn words:

These are flashcards for 30 Popcorn sight words that will be assessed for the report card. Some are included in the National Geographic Program, and others from our previous language arts program. Below are the popcorn words your child has learned. The additional words on the flashcards can be used to further build his/her reading foundation. As new sight words are taught, please add them to these flashcards.
























*Nightly reading

*Math homework

*Dd homework

*Practice Feb. poem

*Practice Sight Words going home. Those flash cards are yours to keep!

*Loving due Friday


Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Friday 2/10- Dentist Visit

Friday 2/10- Early Release

Friday 2/10- Loving Hearts Due

2/17 and 2/20- President’s Weekend No School

January 10 Newsletter

National Geographic:

With last week being a short week, we will continue with the lessons surrounding the letter Gg and the popcorn word, “here”. We continue to discuss plants as well.



Students will begin a new module, comparing length and height. Students will learn that comparisons can be made in different ways: longer than, heavier than, or taking up more space.


Projects & Additional Activities:

We read a few books about Snowmen, and painted lots of snowman for our wall.

We used the “Good Stuff” you sent in to decorate these snowmen on Friday.


This week we will be reading the story The Mitten, by Jan Brett and lacing our own mittens with animals inside. Students will sequence the events from the story using their animals and mittens.


On Friday we will discuss Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., learning about his dream and the idea of treating everyone with kindness and respect!


During our computer time, we used a new program to draw a snowman.


Homework and Reminders:

*Nightly reading

*Practice January Poem

*Math Homework pages

*Return your Folder by Friday.

*Return library book Friday

*January 12- Bearcat of Character Assembly 2:00

*January 13-Early release day *Monday, January 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day-No School


















November 29 Newsletter

Welcome Back!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Break and spent lots of time remembering all of the things you and your family are thankful for!


National Geographic:

We are moving on to our 4th unit which is about plants.  Our Big Question is “How are plants alike and different?”  Please see the Reach Newsletter in our folder today.  Our letter this week is “Ii” and our new popcorn word is  “and”.



We are getting very good at writing out numbers from 1-10!  We wrote our numbers to make our December Calendar, and continue to practice number writing, ordering, and counting.  We are focusing on “one less” this week.


Projects & Additional Activities:

We enjoyed our friendship stone soup with Ms. Mass’ class last Tuesday.  Thanks to all families for sending in an item to help with our feast.  I hope you enjoyed the placemats your child made.


This week, the students made their tree calendars for the month of December.  On Thursday they will make a direct draw Santa with a numbered beard to keep track of the days of Christmas. These will come home December 1.  Please glue on a cotton ball for each day in December. We are lacing stockings to decorate our class.  We are also busy making holiday surprises for our families.


Clay Project:

We did a clay project with Chic Lotz from the Mud Hut last week.  We are asking for a donation of $10 to help pay for the project.


Homework and Reminders:

* Nightly Reading Log

* New December Poem

* Math Homework pages

* Ii pages

* Bring back library books Friday

*Please turn in donation of $10 for Clay Project

*December 3 and 4Polar Bear Gift Shop/Craft Fair at Union Hill

*December 7– 6:30pm- Union Hill Wreath Lighting and band concert

*December 7-9– There will be a Book Fair in the Union Hill Media open 8:10-9 and 2:30-4pm.


November 8 Newsletter

National Geographic:

This is our last week exploring our unit on Animals. Our letter this week is “Rr” and our new popcorn word is “like”.

We have one new decodable book, Pat Ran. Please practice these, as well as older ones from their book box.



We continue to work on our number recognition, counting and writing

# 1-10.  Keep practicing at home.


Projects & Additional Activities:

Last week, we discussed all of the things we are thankful for, and we will be making a class book.

We are also studying Native Americans. We learned about how

Native Americans used the resources on the land they lived.  We painted teepees, and will be lacing canoes to make a mural on our wall.  We also learned some Native American symbols which we will use to decorate them.

Please see the note that went home today about Native American names and helpers.  We made our Native American Helpers and will put on feathers for each good deed we do.





In our tech lab, the students did ABC Starfall, doing activities to reinforce the letters and sounds we have learned.


Special Clay Project:

We will be doing a special project with Chic Lotz from the Mud Hut on Friday, November 18.  Please make every effort to be on time!  We need to have no absences that day.


Pumpkin Pie Feast:

Thursday, Nov. 17.  We get to eat pumpkin pie in the school cafeteria. We are even making costumes for this special event.

PTC is asking for families to make and donate pies for this special day.  If you’d like to send in a pie, please let me know.  We also need volunteers to help serve pie.



I emailed out a Survey last week about or National Geographic Language Arts program.  Please let me know if you did not receive it.  I have also updated my email list.  I want to be sure I have all of your emails.






Homework and Reminders:

*Native American Helper names and good deeds

*Math Homework pages

*Reading Log

*Practice the new November Poem

*November Book Orders due next Friday, Nov. 18

*Last Day of Food Drive is November 10th

*No school Nov. 11th– Veteran’s Day

*Nov. 17st– Pumpkin Pie Feast (Sign up to send in pies and/or help that day!)

*Nov. 24th-25th–Thanksgiving Break

November 1 Newsletter

National Geographic

We continue to discuss Animals in our 3rd Unit.  The letter this week is “Hh” and our new popcorn word is “is”.  Our decodable book is called Tap the Hat. We are working a lot on learning the sounds and blending them in these books.

This new language arts program has more rigor than our past program and standards especially with reading.  Students are working on blending and although we are sending home these books, it’s not the expectation that your child has mastered the skill of blending.  We will continue to red this book throughout the week, Please revisit it often at home.



This week is all about the number 10.  Students will learn to write it, count objects in an array and move objects into different configurations. We will continue to practice # 1-9 as well.


Projects & Additional Activities:

Last week we learned a lot about spiders and bats. We made hanging spiders and bats that flew.

We had a fun time during our Halloween party yesterday. A big thanks to all of the parents who sent in goodies for our party, and who came in to help.  The children had a great time.

We are talking about the things we are thankful for this week.  This will be part of our theme for the  month of November.



Last Friday, we visited the computer lab, learning how to use a mouse and to click and drag.  Students had fun with an online game building houses with this new click and drag skill.


Silver Graphics:

You will have the opportunity to order your child’s artwork.  A flyer is enclosed.  All ordering is ONLINE and orders are DUE NOV 9th.  Username: unionhill/Password: bearcat.  Art will be delivered prior to Winter Break, in time for the holiday season.


Homework and Reminders: *Math homework Pages

*New Reading Log

*Practice the new November Poem

*Bring in Canned Food Drive items through November 10

*November 4- Early Release

*November 11- No School, Veteran’s Day

*November 18- Early Release

*November 23- Minimum Day, all students come in AM


October 25 Newsletter

Welcome Back!  I hope you had a relaxing Fall Break.  It sounds like the kids did a lot of fun things


National Geographic:

We continue our unit on Animals this week.  There is a new family newsletter from National Geographic about this unit.  Sorry about the one sent home before break.  With this new program, it has been difficult finding all of the materials.  That was for a different grade level!  Our focus letter this week  is “Nn”.  The new popcorn word this week is this.  Our decodable book is called The Nap. We continue to work on blending sounds and reading these new books!



We continue to practice number formation, writing our numbers from 1-8.  We have also been playing sorting games with pumpkins and leaves, and playing dice games to improve our counting and recognition skills.


Projects & Additional Activities:

Before break we did lots with pumpkins. This week we are learning about spiders, bats and more fun Halloween things.


Halloween Party:

On Halloween day, there will be a parade on lower campus at 9:00.  If you would like your child to participate and they attend Bearcats, we will make sure those children join in the parade.  If your child does not go to Bearcats, you may bring them and will need to stay with them.

Our day will begin at the regular time, 11:55.  We will “trick or treat” around school, and return to class for some fun centers, our class party and some other fun activities.  You are welcome to come and help out during any part of our day. Please let me know, as the more parent help I have, the more fun centers we can do! Centers will be from around 12:45-1:45.  Students may wear safe and appropriate costumes to school, but no pretend weapons, fake  blood or scary masks please.


Red Ribbon Week:

Kindergarten will be participating in Red Ribbon Week by wearing Blue and Gold on Friday for Bearcat Pride!


Homework and Reminders:

*Nightly reading

*Nn Homework pages

*Math pages

*Last week for Poem of the Month

*We did NOT check out new Library books before break

*Kids Kare Food Drive begins this week and goes until November 10.  Please bring in non perishable food items.  There will be boxes in the cubby area.

*October 28- Picture Retakes

*October 31- Halloween Party

*November 4- Early Release

*November 11- No School, Veteran’s Day

*November 18- Early Release

*November 23- Minimum Day, all students come in AM

*November 24 and 25- No School




April 5 Newsletter

Open Court:

We are finishing up our unit on Patriotism this week. The letters we are working on this week are Jj (Jumping Jump rope) and Ff (Fast Fan)We read two books this week, Hug a Bug and  Run Ron.  We also worked with replacing the first, last, and middle sounds to make new words. For example  pat-pet, or sat-sap, or pat-sat. This is challenging for some!



We continue to work on composing and decomposing numbers as well as teen numbers. With a new month coming, we filled in our concept calendar.  We are getting better at writing all of our numbers, but continue to practice at home too.

We are also doing a lot of counting, sorting, and adding with seeds this week.


Projects and Activities:

Our theme the next two weeks is on seeds and plants. The students are making a seed book and are doing various activities exploring seeds. We even got to be scientists, dissect a seed, and observe what was inside. We will be learning all about the parts of a plant as well.


Media Center:

Due to various reasons, we have not checked out new books in the library in a few weeks.  This Friday we will be going, though!

We will also be talking about the parts of plants and making a diagram using the computer during our Media time.



*Homework pages

*Reading Log

*New April poem

*Spring Pictures are this Thursday, April 7th.  Where something nice and “springy”!


Special Needs:

We are in need of skinny dry erase markers.  We have been doing “board time” during our opening.  The students are getting a lot of practice writing numbers, tallying, writing number bonds, and ten frames while our Kid of the Day leads us.  However we are going through many dry erase markers during this time!





website:  http://tech.ushd.k12.ca.us/bbuti/


March 8 Newsletter

Open Court:

We have begun our next unit, “Red, White, and Blue.” This unit focuses on helping students think about, explore, and reach their own conclusions about patriotism. The 1st story we read was A Flag for our Country.  We will also read a story called Patriotism.

We will be working on blending sounds to make words as well as using our high frequency words to make various sentences.  We are reviewing the sounds for Oo (Bob the Fox) and Bb (Bouncing Ball) this week.  Our new decodable book is The Nap.



We continue working in our 4th Module composing and decomposing numbers.  Please see math homework for more details.


Projects & Additional Activities:

Last week we celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  The kids made hats, and unbelievable drawings of the Cat in the Hat. On

Friday we made green eggs and ham, watched a movie about Green Eggs and Ham, wrote rhyming words and played some fun Dr. Seuss games.  We were comfy all day long while wearing our pajamas at school!

This week we are learning about Rainbows.  We will make a little man named ROY G. BIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) to help us remember the colors of the rainbow.  We are reading non-fiction books about Rainbows, learning about mixing colors, and  writing about what we think is at the end of a Rainbow.  Come and see what they hope to find in their pot of gold at the end of their rainbow!

We will be making a RAINBOW SALAD next week.  Please see notes in Cubby Area of what we need for the party, as well as for the Eggciting Friday we have planned.


Parent Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out the parent survey that was emailed to you from Mr. Limov.  It helps the school to have your input!




If you are interested in becoming more involved in our PTC and  joining the PTC  board, let me know soon and I’ll send your name in.

Listening Center:

I wanted to thank all of you who responded to my email about the Listening Center request I had put into Donors Choose.  In the end, I wrote a grant to PTC requesting a Listening Center and they funded me $200 to buy one.  It will be coming soon.  Again, I appreciate all those generous families who wanted to help contribute.  I’ll let you know if anything else comes up (like more headphones for the center) which we may need!



*Nightly reading

*March poem

*Homework pages

*Practice your sight word flashcards!

*See party donation letter for our Rainbow party and Eggciting Friday in cubby area

*Field trip to library is this Friday.

If anyone wants to help chaperone, please let me know soon!


January 26th Newsletter

Open Court:

We continue our unit on The Wind this week.  We are working on the sounds Tt (Ticking Timer) and Oo (Bob the Fox) this week. Our pre-decodable book is We Have a Band.  This book introduces the high frequency word not.  Please practice this book and the others as well.



We have finished our unit on flat and solid shapes in which the students observed, analyzed, and categorized geometric shapes.  Beginning this week, students will identify the attribute of length, weight, volume, and numbers.


Projects & Additional Activities:

Last week we talked a lot about penguins. We read many fun books, we drew and painted a direct draw penguin and made a torn art penguin too.  Come check out our iceberg mural in our classroom. The students also dictated interesting facts they learned.  Ask your child what they have learned about penguins so far.


Loving Heart:

An additional note is going home about a special project, Loving Heart.  This activity is due Friday, February 5th.  You may turn it in before; we will be sharing them with the class during the days that lead up to Valentine’s Day.


New Tuesday Folders:

Thank you to Dusty’s family for donating new Tuesday Folders to our class!!  We will use them next week.


Homework and Reminders:

*Nightly reading log

*Last week for January Poem

*Homework pages

*Start working on the “Loving Heart” for your child due Feb. 5


Important Dates:

February 5th: Early Release and Chinese New Year’s Rotation

February 10th: 100th day of School

Feb. 11th: Valentine’s Party

Feb. 12th and 15th: No School- President’s Weekend