Junior Kindergarten


Magical Monkey Class


Dear Families,                                                                          May 22, 2018

I enjoyed seeing all of you at Open House last Thursday evening.  The children did a wonderful job of being your tour guides for the event.  They practiced exactly what to do. I hope they told you that they practiced showing you all around and did a super cleaning job to get our classroom ready.  We even took all of the toys off of the shelves and washed and dusted them.  And we washed all of the chairs in our classroom.  We all hope that you had an enjoyable evening and got to take in some of the lower campus experiences as well.

I know you are impressed, as am I, at the work that went into all of the projects.  For such young children they certainly showed remarkable effort. I thought that it was quite a display.

While much of our energy this past week focused on preparations and projects for Open House we learned a thing or two.  The children measured things in the classroom with a partner using straws as a non-standard unit of measure.  We recorded our new heights on our class height graph. We also practiced reading our Ecosystem books.  Name writing was practiced along with some number concept activities using manipulatives. Of course, we continue to work on letters and sounds. 

We played a new math adding to ten game.  The children are getting really good at this.  Our card game, Challenge, was made even more challenging.  We added a more/less spinner to determine if the higher or lower number was the winner for each hand played.

The Jog-A-Thon was quite an event.  The children ran and ran and ran.  And walked as well.  They were on the field for an hour and pretty much moved the whole time.  Thank you for supporting this fund raiser for our PTC.

A couple of scheduling issues: May 25this now a school day to make up a snow day closure during the winter.  May 28this the Memorial Day holiday.

This Friday, the 25th, is a Fitness Friday.  Please have your child wear workout clothes to school.

As we approach the last few weeks of school we are talking about the end of Junior Kindergarten and the move to Kindergarten. You may hear something about it. I like to let them know when we are finishing up the school year so that the ending will not be quite so abrupt. The cycle of the school year is a new thing for these young ones.