Junior Kindergarten


Magical Monkey Class


Dear Families,                                                                                      February 20, 2018

There sure was a lot to do to get ready for Valentine’s Day! To have Valentine fun we finger-painted with red paint and shaving cream. We read the book Some Things Go Together and talked about the ways we “go” with the people we love.

We made Valentine bags and Valentines for our families and for our big buddies.

Along with Valentine’s Day we continued to work on our math skills. The children cut, then glued heart shaped numbers in counting order and then had to close their eyes so that one number could be covered. Next they had to guess the hidden number and check to see if they were correct. These heart number lines were further used to make groups of the correct amount for each number. We then used these groups to practice our addition skills.

We also played some fun new comparing and predicting games using turn taking and our mathematical language. In some of our partner games one child end up with more, and one with less.

In language arts we are working on rhyming and beginning sounds. As part of learning to write we worked out our fine motor muscles doing some games and exercises using our fingers and hands. The children are enjoying learning to write their letters correctly using our Handwriting Without Tears program. As we introduce each letter the children first build and then write the letter. We also introduce the corresponding sound for each letter using a variety of materials including small toys and pictures.

In our pocket chart we learned the song “L O V E spells love.” The class learned to fingerspell the word love, and to sign the other words in the song. We played a bit with other words that we could sing and fingerspell, such as M O M and D A D.

Our Valentine’s Day celebration was so much fun! We sorted and graphed conversation hearts, played Valentine Bingo, and a fun number game using dice and numbers in hearts. The children loved exchanging their Valentine cards. They delivered them to each other’s Valentine bags with great care and seriousness. It was special to see. Our party was great! Thanks to all of you who contributed to the event.

This Friday, February 23rd, is a Fitness Friday. Have your child wear workout clothes to school.

On March 1st the Kindergarten Team will host our Read Across America night from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. in our classrooms. Families are welcome to come hear stories, and children may come dressed in their pajamas.

We will follow up with Pajama Day on March 2nd for more reading and fun.