The important thing is not so much that every child
be taught, as that every child should be given the
wish to learn.
                        John Lubbock
Hello!  I am Angie Pereira and I teach Transitional Kindergarten  here at Union Hill School.  My many years of teaching have been dedicated to young children and their families.
A student in my class is accepted and appreciated for his or her unique character and talent.  Children are guided and supported with their challenges and all learning is celebrated.  Students learn to take responsibility for themselves and the classroom community.  They develop skills for handling social problem solving situations by practicing a repertoire of behaviors which are positive. Above all, the children feel nurtured  and secure, which leads them to grow and participate fully.
I am an enthusiastic, dramatic teacher who often uses humor and fun in the classroom.  This causes the children to be engaged and enthusiastic in response.  Our days are busy, and full of new learning experiences.  Students bring their own knowledge to the classroom to share and this becomes a vital and valued part of our curriculum.
When teaching young children many of our goals are behavioral and social.  I see education as moving from one skill level to another.  I believe that providing consistent, safe, supported experiences  and a rich educational environment will stimulate growth and the learning of new ways of being successful at school and in life.
Away from school I enjoy gardening, reading, visiting new places, and hanging out with my husband and daughters.  I do like to exercise and will bring some fun and adventurous physical activities into the classroom.  I appreciate the opportunity to spend my days with busy and energetic children!