Welcome!  Here you will find the website link to each teacher’s classroom home page. Please utilize this resource to help answer frequently asked questions, check student progress, view photos, and get to know your child’s teacher.

Each teacher is the Webmaster of their own classroom website. Sites are updated and maintained by the teacher, and grades are reported through their discretion. Not all grade levels/teachers post grades online.

JR K/Kinder:            1st Grade:                     2nd Grade:                  3rd Grade:
Mrs. Buti                        Mrs. Goforth                    Mrs. Rhodes               Ms. Allender
Ms. Mass                       Mrs. Godfrey                    Mrs. Kochis                 Mrs. Andersen
Ms. Pereira                   Mrs. Murano/Fowler        Mrs. White                     Ms. Gollub
Ms. Vandenbroek                                                                                         Mrs. Jennings
Mrs. Olsen

4th Grade:                 5th Grade:                     6th Grade:
Mr. Albano                   Mrs. Fernandez                  Mrs. Kirkpatrick 
Mr. Lynn                      Mrs. Kohler                           Mrs. Kester              
Mrs. Young                  Mrs. Young 

7th/8th Grade:                           Other:
Mrs. Blake                                          Mrs. Mahar-Media Center
Mr. Dummett-Science                     Mr. Mertz – Counselor
Mr. Kochis-Math                              Mrs. Parker & Mrs. Williams – Learning Center
Mrs. McChristian                             Mr. Limov – Principal
Mrs. Riley-Technology
Mr. Ross-P.E.
Mrs. Salter
Mr. Dudek